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The Big Daddy measures in at a massive 3 feet x 3 feet square, a hefty reflector to grow even bigger plants. Made to spread HID lighting over a very large area and hold in ambient heat with a gasketed tempered glass lens, the huge light footprint enables gardeners to grow multiple plants below this reflector.

  • Perfect for grow rooms in which CO2 is being used!
  • Recommended for 600 and 1000 watt systems, an excellent choice for multi-light grow rooms.
  • Includes 60-day defects warranty.
  • Reflector Dimensions: 36″x36″x11″

In stock


The Big Daddy measures in at a massive 3 feet x 3 feet square reflector dimensions. This is one super large reflector made to spread the light over a very large area. Air-Tight gasketed 8″ removable flanges with rubber gaskets can be placed inline (straight through), smokestack (straight up) or optional vent covers can be used making this the most versatile 8″ air-cooled hood on the market. The adjustable socket bracket allows for the customization of the light spread either in a tight or wide beam spread and allows for the centering of the bulb inside the reflector. A premium interior hammer-toned polished aluminum reflector where it counts provides excellent light reflectivity and dispersal. Sleek, powder-coated steel housing is super tough and a tempered glass lens is included to lock in heat.

  • Reflector covered by a 60-day manufacturers defects warranty.
  • Some assembly required.
  • Reflector Dimensions: 36″x36″x11″
Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 39 × 7 in

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