High Yield Monster 8″ Air Cooled Hood


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The High Yield Monster 8" air cooled hood is one of the best large air cooled reflectors available. With proper air cooling and grow room ventilation, the Monster 8 can provide an enormous footprint with its massive 39" Long x 30" Wide frame, allowing it to be placed closer to indoor garden plants for maximum light energy delivery. Complete with a built-in socket and 15' socket to light ballast cord, the Monster 8 is an excellent choice for higher wattage metal halide and high pressure sodium lights.

  • Comes ready to connect to your grow light system for a quick and easy upgrade. 
  • Built-in mogul base (E39) socket with 15' cord
  • Measures: 39"L x 30"W x 10.5"H

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High Yield Monster 8″ Air Cooled Hood

The High Yield Monster 8 reflector’s name says it all. And with its massive wingspan, optimized light distribution, and high-efficiency air cooling boosting your light’s growing capabilities, this titan of reflectors won’t be the only monster in your grow room! Combined with proper ventilation, the Monster 8 can be placed closer to the garden canopy for maximum light delivery and Monster yields! Featuring 8″ inline flanges, a built-in socket with 15′ cord, gasket-sealed & hinged tempered glass lens with easy-access clasps & safety cable, and hanging hardware, the High Yield Monster 8 reflector is an easy plugin upgrade for air-cooling grow light systems. 


•  Solid steel housing construction
•  Sealed & hinged tempered glass lens
•  Easy-access lens clasps & lens safety cable
•  Mirror finish specular aluminum interior
•  Built-in mogul socket with 15′ cord
•  Includes hanger attachment hardware

•  Measures: 39″L x 30″W x 10.5″H
•  Weight: 54 lbs.
 8″ inline flanges
•  Built-in mogul base (E39) socket with 15′ cord
  15′ socket to ballast cord with universal plug


Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 41 × 14.5 in
Built-In Socket

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