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High Yield Sunsoaker Reflector
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High Yield Sunsoaker Reflector
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The SunSoaker is a large horizontal reflector featuring an "umbrella" type design. The SunSoaker features reflective panels made completely of high efficiency 95% reflective textured aluminum - which is more reflective and durable than painted white panels. An adjustable socket bracket allows centering of the lamp for proper light dispersal over a very large area.

Fits cordset from High Yield Lighting, Sunlight Supply, HTGSUPPLY.com Grow Lights, GrowBright and Digital Greenhouse

Reflector covered by a 60 day manufacturers defect warranty.

Socket not included

Dimensions: 48" long x 48" wide x 11" deep

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          5 of 5 stars HUGE

Massive reflector, covers my whole garden.

By:randall October 22,2018