Homemade Grow 90 Degree Plant Benders – 35 Pack


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Homemade Grow's 90 Degree Plant Benders are a low-cost method to effectively and safely train your plants. Coming in a pack of 35, these plant benders replace garden stakes and zip ties to assist in reshaping your plants for low-stress training. Low-stress training trains plants to grow outward and then up which increases airflow, light penetration, growth, and more for increased yields. Easily to install and remove, and reusable.  

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Homemade Grow 90 Degree Plant Benders – 35 Pack

No need to place stakes in the dirt and spend your time using zip ties to reshape your branches anymore!


These tiny 90-degree benders will assist you to reorient your stems to the desired direction for better yields. The following manual training technique is called low-stress training (LST), it involves manipulating the shape of plants to produce better yields while controlling the height and shape of your plants.

Low-stress training is done to create multiple flowering sites and overall help you use light more efficiently.


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