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Magic Green by House and Garden is a foliar spray used to increase vitality and ensure a successful flowering period. Magic Green is designed to be used up to once a week during the growth phase. Magic Green contains ammonium nitrate, nitric acid, potassium oxide, and phosphoric acid.

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  • Ensure vitality and a successful flowering period
  • To be used up to once a week in the growth phase
  • Contains phosphoric acid and potassium oxide

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House & Garden Magic Green is a 100% biological plant booster that not only provides nutrients for the leaves, but also protects the plant against external threats from insects and mold. With every spray, Magic Green forms a kind of wax film on the leaves to prevent insects and mold from damaging the plant. Magic Green also enhances the plants natural balance. As Magic Green contains all main and trace elements, it may provide a temporary solution when the substrate is disturbed so that the plant cannot absorb nutrients though its root system. This makes it an excellent solution to help the plant through a difficult period.

Application: Use a plant pump or back-pack sprayer. Fill it with water and add the indicated amount of Magic Green below. Spray Magic Green when the lamps are off to prevent the leaves from burning. Use Magic Green one to two times a week at most to prevent the roots from under developing because the plant can more easily absorb nutrients through its leaves. So use Magic Green always only as a temporary boost for your plants.

Dosage Rate:

  • 5ml per pint
  • 10 ml per 1 quart
  • 40 ml per gallon


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