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The all-new HTG 3.0 540w COB LED Grow Light is engineered to outgrow the competition with powerful output, efficient cooling & energy use, and a unique modular design. At the cutting edge of horticultural lighting, HTG 3.0 LEDs feature full spectrum 60w COB LEDs; COB, or Chip On Board, is a new development in LED technology that allows multiple LED chips to be mounted closely together to produce a more intense, bright, and efficient full spectrum output than standard LEDs. Premium aluminum heat sinks, paired with high-efficiency fans create an effective cooling system, providing optimal temperatures for operation. The HTG 3.0 540w COB LED Grow Light also features interchangeable LED pods, enabling upgrades and customization without the need to purchase an entirely new system. Save money and keep your LED fixtures equipped with the latest technology using the HTG modular LEDs. Unrivaled in value, The HTG 3.0 540w COB LED Grow Light will keep your plants happy and your garden green for years with a 100,000-hour lifespan. Order today and get growing with the HTG 3.0 540w COB LED Grow Light. 14-Day Product Guarantee. All sales final.  

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All New HTG 3.0 COB LEDs

Looking for an LED grow light built by growers for growers? Look no further, the newly redesigned HTG 3.0 540w COB LED Grow Light is engineered to meet your needs. Featuring state of the art full spectrum COB LEDs, the HTG 3.0 is more powerful, more efficient, and built around a unique modular system; as a result, its one of the most practical and innovative systems available. HTG custom 60w COB LEDs emit more light and generate less heat than equivalent 60w LED panels, giving you more growing power for your flowers per watt. Secondary lenses refine light spread, creating a large light footprint and increasing light intensity and canopy penetration. For indoor growers that want robust flowering, potent vegetative growth, and heavy yields, the HTG 3.0 540w COB LED Grow Light exceeds expectations. Each fixture comes complete and ready to grow with 120v grounded power cord and hanging hardware.

COB LED Technology

State of the Art COB LED technology is the bedrock of the newly redesigned HTG 3.0 fixtures. COB stands for Chip On Board, a breakthrough LED packing technique which allows multiple LED chips to be mounted closely together to form a super-bright, intense, and efficient lighting module. Powered by our custom COB, each HTG 3.0 module produces an impressive 1.96?mol/watt* output, topping several industry leaders in efficiency and guaranteeing maximal photosynthetically-active light.

PODular Design

Keep up with innovations in LED tech using the HTG 3.0 modular LED system! Fully interchangeable HTG LED pods enable simple user-side modifications, eliminating the need to purchase an entirely new system when it’s time to upgrade. HTG 3.0 pods come in two models, both based off a 60w COB flanked by six (6) 5w LED chips, Full Spectrum & Full Spectrum + UV-A, the latter integrating a 380nm LED chip to provide beneficial UV light. The HTG 3.0 540w COB LED comes equipped with three (3) Full Spectrum pods and three (3) Full Spectrum + UV-A pods to ensure an equal distribution of UV-A light. Swap pods in just seconds to update, customize, or repair with no special tools or technical know-how required.


  • The only modular upgradeable LED on the market
  • Cool Running LED Technology
  • Full-spectrum light output targets key photosynthetic spectrums
  • Secondary lenses optimize light spread and increase canopy penetration
  • Comes with a 6ft power cord and hanging wires


  • Dimensions: 14.75″x21.5″x2.5″
  • LED Wattage: 540w
  • Power Draw: 360w
  • Amperage: 3A @ 120V
  • THD: 10% on 120VAC
  • PF: ~0.98
  • 1.96 umol/watt
  • Includes Three (3) Full Spectrum + UV-A Pods and Three (3) Full Spectrum Pods
  • Super-efficient high-output 60 watt COB arrays and 5-watt single-core LED chips
  • 100,000+ hour lifespan

* The ratio of micromoles (?mol) to wattage measures the number of photons generated that plants can utilize for photosynthesis, the higher the ratio, the more efficient the light source.

14-Day Product Guarantee. All sales final.


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