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HTG 3.0 Full Spectrum COB LED Pod
HTG 3.0 Full Spectrum COB LED Pod
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HTG 3.0 LED Pods

Customize your spectrum with HTG 3.0 Full Spectrum COB LED Pods! Compatible with all HTG PODular systems (HTG 3.0, 7-Band 2.1), HTG 3.0 Pods will provide a boost in full spectrum growing power to all your plants. The new HTG 3.0 Pods feature innovative 60w COB LEDs alongside single-spectrum 5w diodes. Chip On Board (COB) is a recent development in LED technology that allows multiple LED chips to be mounted closely together to produce a more intense, bright, and efficient full spectrum output than standard LEDs. Aluminum heat sinks and high-efficiency fans produce an effective cooling system, while secondary lenses create an optimal light footprint and augment canopy penetration and light intensity. Join the PODular revolution and pick up an HTG 3.0 Full Spectrum COB LED Pod today!

*Easy installation necessary, HTG 3.0 fixture or 7-Band 2.1 fixture required for operation.

Upgrade and Save

Don't want to spend the money to purchase a completely new fixture? You don't have to with HTG PODular LED Grow Lights! HTG 3.0 Pods are backward compatible with 7-Band 2.1 fixtures, allowing you to replace old pods with no special tools required. Save that cash and upgrade your previous generation fixtures with HTG 3.0 Full Spectrum COB LED Pods.

LED Specifications:

  • 1 Full-Spectrum 60w COB
  • 2 430nm (Deep Blue) single-chip 5w LEDs
  • 4 660nm (Deep Red) single-chip 5w LEDs
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