HTG Green LED Flashlight


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The HTG green LED flashlight is specially designed for use in the indoor garden during the "night cycle" or the period when grow lights are off. Introducing bright lights into the grow room during the night cycle can potentially interrupt plants' photosynthetic cycle and impact growth; however, specialized green lights can be used without risk of disruption. Utilizing the same technology LED grow lights use to produce specific light colors, the HTG green LED flashlight produces specialized green light wavelengths that will provide excellent visibility for inspection and maintenance tasks without disturbing the garden's nighttime environment. Browse our selection of accessories for great deals on other handy grow room tools including our specialty HTG Supply green LED headlamp and more!   

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HTG Supply Green LED Flashlight

The pocket-sized HTG Supply green LED flashlight provides excellent, non-intrusive visibility for night-cycle grow room tasks with high-output green LED’s. Standard flashlights emit white light which can disrupt essential nighttime plant processes and impact growth, whereas the HTG green LED flashlight produces specialized green light that is not absorbed and will not disturb the night cycle. While it may be designed for the indoor garden, the HTG green LED flashlight is bright enough to use for any flashlight need and rated with a 100,000-hour lifespan for years of use.

Requires (3) AAA batteries.


Weight 0.25 lbs


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