HydroDynamics International Europonic Silicate – 5 Gallon


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Level up your plants with Hydrodynamics International Eurponic Silicate. Potassium silicate is an essential nutrient that fortifies cell walls resulting in stronger branches and stems. It also increases the plant's resistance to environmental stressors and reduces plant shock during exposure. Europonic Silicate stands out from other silicate products containing 11% Silicon Dioxide, one of the strongest supplements on the market.

  • Guaranteed Analysis: 0-0-5
  • Derived From: Potassium silicate
  • 11% Silicon Dioxide
  • Size: 5 gallon

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HydroDynamics International Europonic Silicate

Serious growers know that silica is important to overall plant health. The benefits of using a silica plant nutrient supplement can be experienced by plants in any stage of the life cycle, including the clone or seedling stage. Silica aids in strengthening plants by reinforcing the cell walls from the inside out. This results in stronger branches that are less likely to break during the important flowering cycle.

Another benefit to using a silica supplement is that it increases a plant’s resistance to environmental stresses. These stresses include extreme heat or cold and exposure to drought. Silica aids plants in combatting the effects of these stresses and helps to reduce plant shock during times of extreme stress. Silica also provides plants with increased resistance to pathogens and pests, i.e. bugs. With regular use, silica will build up in the plant’s cell walls. This build-up makes it difficult for bugs to bite or damage the plant.

Using Europonic Silicate provides the silica plants need whether in hydroponics, soil, or soilless mixes. The benefits of Silica for plant health are many, and stronger plants can lead to increases in yield. Not to mention, Europonic Silicate is one of the strongest Silica products on the market with 11% Silicon Dioxide.

How to Use:

Water with a solution of 2 – 5ml per gallon of water once a week.  Add Silicate to your reservoir first, before adding water or plant nutrients.

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