Hydrofarm Telescopic Watering Wand


Hydrofarm’s Telescope Watering Wand is a tool used by growers that allows you to provide your garden with hydration with more ease than ever before. The Telescope Watering Wand is a long, hose attachment that has 9 different water pattern settings for optimal control.

  • Extendable reach- 28? to 41?
  • 9 different water pattern settings
  • Allows you water hard-to-reach areas
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To infinity and beyond! Or as close to it as possible. This telescopic watering wand extends your reach so that you can water your garden, equipment and other items without having to climb or duck into bushes. With Hydrofarm’s watering wand, you can enjoy an extendable reach from 28″ to 41″, perfect for hard to reach places. The wand’s nozzle offers nine water patterns to meet your watering needs.

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