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HyPAR 315 Watt CMH Lighting Ballast by AgroMax
HyPAR 315 Watt CMH Lighting Ballast by AgroMax
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HyPAR 315 Watt CMH Lighting Ballast Overview

Designed specifically for optimal operation of 315-watt ceramic metal halide grow light bulbs, AgroMax HyPAR ballasts produce a more stabilized light output using low-frequency digital square-wave technology, which also eliminates issues such as interruption of cell phone, cable, or Wi-Fi signals caused by EMI. Remote configuration allows HyPAR ballasts to be placed outside of the grow area and provides pairing capability with a wide variety of reflectors / hoods. HyPAR ballasts are also backed by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty and feature multi-aspect protection circuitry that monitors the grow light system to ensure proper operation. 

•  315 Watts, multi-volt capable - (2.9A @ 120v) (1.43A @ 240v)
•  UL listed
•  THD - <15%
•  Low-frequency digital square-wave technology
•  Multi-aspect protection circuitry
•  Universal socket receptacle
•  8' 120v power cord with standard-household grounded plug
•  3-year warranty

  • Wattage : 315w
  • Ballast Type : CMH
  • Ballast Type : Digital