Jumpstart 12 Pellet Window Greenhouse


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Hydrofarm's Pellet Window Greenhouse is a seed starting biodegradable kit that promotes optimal germination of seeds. The Pellet Window Greenhouse is made using peat pellet pockets that perfectly fit seeds of herbs, vegetables, and flowers. The Pellet Window Greenhouse comes complete with a vented dome, and a waterproof tray.

  • 12 biodegradable peat pellets
  • Fits perfectly on windowsills
  • Reusable dome and tray

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The Jump Start 12 Cell Greenhouse includes 12 biodegradable peat grow pellets which snugly and securely help seeds germinate and root. Start a vegetable or herb garden right on your windowsill or anywhere else that is convenient in this reusable waterproof tray. Once your seedlings have established roots, transplant them and start over with new pellets and new seedlings or cuttings.

The included vented dome maintains humidity and warmth, making it the ideal environment for fragile new growth. Jump Start Greenhouses are perfect for flowers, herbs, and vegetables and are also environmentally friendly when used with the included pellets.


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