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Mother Plant Grow Tent Kit for Mothers and Cloning
Mother Keeper Complete Grow Tent System

Mother Keeper Complete Grow Tent Kit

The AgroMax Mother Keeper complete grow tent is ideal for seed starting, cloning, keeping mother plants, and growing smaller plants full term such as herbs, greens, etc. All included electronic devices plug directly into standard household grounded power outlets – all items are shipped in plain discreet packaging.

Assembled kit measurements: 55.1" long x 22.5" wide x 48.5" high

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Standard Kit Includes:
(1)  AgroMax Mother Keeper grow tent
(1)  HTG Supply 4'/4-lamp T5HO grow light with 6400K bulbs
(1)  Pair rope ratchet grow light hangers
(1)  6" duct fan and flange kit
(1)  6" clip-on circulation fan
(1)  GrowBright thermometer/hygrometer

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Grow Tent

Agromax Mother Keeper Grow Tent  Qty: 1


Spare Bulbs (Optional)


Light Hangers

AgroMax Rope Ratchets - 1/8" x 8' - 75lb Max Each  Qty: 1

GrowBright Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer  Qty: 1
Circulation Fan

GrowBright 6 Inch Clip-On Fan  Qty: 1

Basic 6" Ventilation Kit  Qty: 1