Mylar / White Poly 4 mil – 4 Foot x 25 Foot


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For maximizing reflectivity in your grow area, Poly-backed Mylar is a low-cost tool to boost productivity in your garden. In a small space like a spare room, closet, or custom box, light energy is lost on walls and other non-reflective surfaces.  Poly-backed Mylar solves this issue by giving growers a 95% reflective surface that is easy to use, easy to clean, and tough enough to last years in an indoor garden.

  • 95%+ Reflective Mirror Like Finish
  • 4mil Poly Backing for reinforced strength when hanging on walls.
  • Recovers light that is otherwise lost to absorption by non-reflective surfaces.
  • By properly lining a garden with this Mylar, you could increase the amount of light your plants receive by up to 30%!

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Mylar / White Poly 4 mil

95%+ Reflective MIRROR LIKE FINISH Mylar Surface, Silver Reflective Mylar is used by growers worldwide to maximize the light energy in their grow rooms. Simply line your grow room walls, ceiling, and even floor so that not a single lumen of light is wasted! Shiny Silver Reflective Mylar has a mirror-like finish that light bounces off of and onto your plants! More light for your plants equals more plant growth! By properly lining a garden with this Mylar, you could increase the amount of light your plants receive by up to 30%! To maximize your yields you simply must have the most efficient grow room possible. Mylar is one of the most efficient ways to savor every last bit of light emitted from your grow light(s).

  • White Poly – has been cojoined to the Mylar to create a unique twist to standard shiny silver reflective Mylar. It makes an excellent choice for an alternative reflective surface; much easier than painting! White surfaces spread light evenly, reducing hot spots on plants. The addition of the white poly also makes this product a lot thicker than standard silver reflective Mylar.
  • Thicker, Tougher, and Easier to install!
  • Mylar comes in an easy-to-use roll. Simply unroll the amount you need, cut with scissors, and hang on walls with double-sided tape, staples, or tacks. Easy as 1-2-3!

Please note: This material does not produce a clear mirror image, and thus is not recommended for visual applications (i.e., theater, display, art, etc.) in which this effect is desired. This material is designed for horticultural purposes and diffuses light so reflected images will appear blurry.


Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 46.5 × 2.25 × 2.25 in

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