Nanolux 0-10V Lighting Controller



Control over 100 lights in one easy-to-use device with the Nanolux Smart Lighting Controller. Through wired control, the Nanolux 0-10v controller can manage two separate lighting groups, with up to 60 lights per group. Easily adjust ballast output power through the large LCD touchscreen, the controller runs on a 24-hour cycle and features auto cycles, sunrise and sunset timers, and overheating protection. Grow smarter not harder with Nanolux.

  • Control two lighting groups - up to 60 lights each
  • 0-10V adjustable DC voltage
  • 24 hour timer cycle

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Nanolux 0-10V Lighting Controller

The Nanolux Smart Lighting Controller is designed to provide wired control to two lighting groups in a greenhouse. You can control up to 60 lights per group. The controller uses 0-10V adjustable DC voltage to control ballast output power and switches on/off the ballast. The controller operates on a 24-hour time cycle. The controller also has the ability to simulate sunrise and sunset cycle from 10-60 minutes. Each of the two-lighting group channels has a room overheat protection function that can be set as needed. You can use the LCD touchscreen to easily view and modify the current settings for each channel. Moreover, the Smart Lighting Controller is portable, easily operated, and installed.


  • Can control the 120PCS lights, each group can control up to 60PCS lights
  • Simulate 10-60 minutes of sunrise and sunset cycle
  • Room overheat protection

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