Nectar for the Gods Hades Down – Gallon


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Hades Down is Nectar for the Gods pH down solution. Hades Down uses food-grade phosphoric acid to bring down the pH solution in your garden. Too high of a pH can impede plant growth and prevent the uptake of essential nutrients. Hades down can be applied as a soil drench or as a foliar solution depending on personal needs.

  • Guaranteed Analysis: 0-1-0
  • Derived From: Phosphoric acid
  • Size: Gallon

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Nectar for the Gods Hades Down

Every plant needs certain compounds for growth beyond soil, light, water, and CO2. Athena’s Aminas provides a readily available amino acid source of nitrogen to optimize protein production and allow for maximum growth rates. By adding an amino acid source of nitrogen, you enable your plants to build proteins as quickly as they are able. When using Athena’s Aminas, you can expect to see faster, healthier growth, resulting in bigger, more vigorous plants.

Directions for Use:

Tighten cap and shake well before use. Store in a secure area. Wash hands and clothes after use.

Soil Drench: Adjust pH of nutrient solution to 6.4 and water plants as needed

Foliar Spray: Adjust pH of foliar nutrient solution to 6.2 and mist plants

Guaranteed Analysis:

Available Phosphate (P2O5):…………………………….1.0%

Derived from: Phosphoric acid

Nectar For the Gods Feeding Schedules:

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