NPK Industries PM Wash – 1 Gallon


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NPK Industries PM Wash simulates the natural feeling of gentle rain with a breeze that leaves your plants cleaner than before. Pair PM Wash with your favorite spray bottle or atomizer and fully saturate the top and bottom of your leaves for the best effect. PM Wash can be used throughout the growing and flowering cycle and is especially effective during harvesting. Can be used with fruits, flower, vegetables, and foliage.

  • Ready to use, do not dilute.
  • Ingredients: 99.9999% water, 0.0001% inert ingredients
  • Size: 1 Gallon

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NPK Industries PM Wash

PM Wash leaves plants clean and vibrant. It’s in these kinds of conditions that plants learned to thrive in cooperation with the simple elements of a cleansing rain, a gentle breeze. Spray PM Wash throughout the growing and flowering cycle, up to and especially during harvest.

Directions for Use:

PM Wash may be used on fruits, vegetables, foliage, and flowers. Pour PM Wash directly into a spray bottle or atomizer (do not dilute). Saturate the top and bottom of leaves (entire plant) in order to achieve best results. It is effective throughout the grow and flower cycle (even during harvest). We recommend using PM Wash during the warmest, low humidity time of day (i.e. lights on). Use only as directed.

Note: PM Wash works especially well when used while harvesting

Ready to Use – Do NOT Dilute


  • Water…………………………….99,.9999%
  • Inert Ingredients…………….0.0001%



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