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OHP's Floramite SC is a professional miticide with a quick takedown for long-term pest control. Floramite SC is effective on a number of mite species and all life stages of Spider Mites, from eggs to adults. Works right on contact and provides residual controls for over 21 days, ideal for growers looking to implement Floramite SC into an IPM program. For use in greenhouses, ornamental plants, nurseries, and more.    

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OHP Floramite SC Miticide

Floramite SC Ornamental Miticide provides outstanding control of a variety of mite pests on ornamentals plants in greenhouse, shadehouse, nursery, field, landscape, and interiorscape settings. Floramite SC is effective on a variety of mites and all life stages of Tetranychid spider mites.

Floramite SC produces quick knockdown through contact activity and long residual control of more than 21 days. Floramite SC is soft on predacious mites and beneficial insects, making it ideal for use in IPM and resistance management programs.

Product Use:

Labeled for use on: All ornamental plants, including bedding plants, flowering plants, foliage plants, bulb crops, perennials, trees, and shrubs. All non-bearing fruit trees and greenhouse tomatoes, varieties greater than 1″ in diameter when mature.

Mites controlled: Variety of spider mites and all life stages of Tetranychid mites.

Notes: For best results adjust tank pH to the neutral or acidic range as Floramite SC degrades rapidly in alkaline water. For optimal control of high populations, add a spray adjuvant such as Silwett 77 or Sylgard 309. Users should test the plant safety of adjuvants prior to commercial use.

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