ONA Block – 6 Ounce

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The ONA Block 6 oz is conveniently-sized to fit almost anywhere and provides exceptional odor-neutralizing power. Since 1995, ONA brand products have withstood the test of time and continue to be an asset to anyone dealing with unwanted odors, especially those from grow rooms and grow tents. By using specific hydrocarbons and terpenes, ONA Block is able to trap, absorb, and chemically change odors. With a variety of different scents including Fresh Linen, Polar Crystal, Apple Crumble, and the simple PRO formula, ONA Block can help to ease the odor concerns of any indoor grower while adding a fresh and appealing aroma. To activate the blocks for grow room or grow tent odor control, simply open and poke a few holes through the protective seal, or open fully depending on personal requirements. When deployed correctly, one six ounce ONA Block can effectively neutralize odors from a 3x3 grow tent.  

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ONA Block 6 OunceThe ONA Block 6 oz. is ideal for small areas such as closets, foyers, attics, cars, gym bags, boats, kitchens, garbage cans, cupboards or vents. Measuring 3″ x 3″, this ONA Block container is conveniently sized for use in most places. Simply remove the cap and punch several small holes in the seal, or remove the cap and seal entirely, and place in the desired location.

The ONA Block will release its powerful odor neutralizing agent and keep the location free from undesirable odors. Replace as necessary.

Available in our popular scents: Fresh Linen, Polar Crystal, Apple Crumble, and ONA PRO. This amazing new formulation has been well-received by our customers, who are constantly finding new uses for the ONA Block.




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