Organic Mechanics 100% Pure BioChar – 1 Cubic Foot



Organics Mechanics Biochar is an all-organic, high-quality, 100% pure biochar designed to be mixed with your growing media of choice. Biochar is a fine-grained carbon substance created from pyrosis, a process that breaks down materials at elevated temperatures. As a soil amendment, Biochar improves overall soil quality and plant health by increasing nutrient uptake and water retention. For full benefits, inoculate the biochar by mixing it with your preferred nutrients and mineral for a full 4 weeks before adding it to your grow medium.

  • Improves soil health
  • 100% organic pure biochar
  • Size: 1 cu ft bag

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Organic Mechanics 100% Pure BioChar – 1 Cubic Foot

Bi-o-char is a highly porous carbon that improves nutrient adsorption and provides a practically permanent home for beneficial soil biology. Proper use will boost yields and increase the effectiveness of your grow!

Biochar is made through a process called pyrolysis, utilizing organic matter as a feed stock. After years of working with various grades of Biochar, Organic Mechanics now utilizes the highest-quality Biochar available!

It’s recommended to mix your desired nutrients, biology, and minerals with Biochar for a minimum of four weeks before using it. This allows time for the Biochar to become inoculated.*

  • Biochar improves soil quality for a lifetime, so soil performance gets better year after year!
  • For Containers, mix in at a 5% rate with your preferred growing medium, such as Container Blend or Cocodelphia
  • For Garden Beds, 1 cu. ft. will cover 48 sq. ft. at a 5″ depth
  • 100% Organic!

*Skipping the inoculation step reduces effectiveness in the 1st year, as Biochar will adsorb nutrients and minerals from the surrounding soil, reducing plant-available nutrients in the soil solution. Work with a pre-inoculated Biochar Blend for best results. However, in some landscape situations, blending pure Biochar into soil has advantages that outweigh this limitation.


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