Pahroc Giant Perlite #2 – 1.5 Cubic Feet



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Pahroc #2 perlite 1.5 cubic foot bags contain +20 mesh to 1/4″ particles. This variety is the most widely used grade for general propagation of nursery plants and general soil conditioning. It is also commonly used for mixing with native soil for newly planted trees and plants, composting and making custom soil blends.

  • +20 mesh to 1/4″ particles
  • 1.5 cubic foot bags

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Pahroc Giant Perlite #2 – 1.5 Cubic Feet

Use fully EXPANDED Pahroc Perlite, to provide maximum aeration (oxygen to the roots)! – Soil , peat, and coco mulch hardens and compacts over time. This happens as the soil or media is watered; each particle gets closer to the others and air pores are shrunk or eliminated. When this happens, water will not drain through the grow media very well and air will not easily penetrate. Each Pahroc Giant perlite particle has a unique shape that won’t pack down, preventing soil compaction. With lighter grow media, roots can easily expand and absorb oxygen, water and nutrition as needed by the plant. Without oxygen, roots fail to expand or grow, and they may contract various diseases due to a lack of oxygen and overabundance of moisture. Healthy roots mean greater yield and better-tasting crops.

How to use Pahroc Giant Perlite

Did you know???

  • Lightening soil with perlite allows plant roots to more easily penetrate growing media and develop fully.
  • Mixing perlite with soil yields higher crops with less maintenance in your outdoor garden, planters, and indoor containers.
  • High water holding capacity makes perlite highly sought after by professional landscapers through the world, especially in areas where water shortages are common.

Soil Conditioning:

  • Pahroc Giant Perlite improves the texture of heavy silt or clay soils by increasing aeration and drainage. Treat difficult flower or seed beds by working up to 33% #2 Pahroc Giant Perlite into the top 3-5″ of soil.

Create Your Own Custom Potting Soil Mix:

  • 3 parts peat moss
  • 2 parts perlite
  • 2 parts compost
  • 1 part native soil

Pahroc Giant Perlite improves aeration, drainage and insulation. It also helps with re-wetting and prevents surface crusting. There is no nutrition in perlite so remember to feed your plants.

Rooting Cuttings:

Good water retention and balanced capillary action creates an ideal growing environment for your rooting cuttings. Place 4-6″ cutting in small pot and fill with perlite. Water thoroughly and place humidity dome over the top. Put somewhere warm out of direct light. Every few days, remove the dome to provide fresh air and water thoroughly. After a few weeks new growth should appear. Carefully transplant cuttings into soil/perlite mix. Give a thorough soak and don’t water again until soil surface dries out slightly.

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