Pelletized Peruvian Sea Bird Guano 10-10-1

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10 - 10 - 1

Pelletized Peruvian Sea Bird Guano is a concentrated natural fertilizer that provides abundant nutrients for healthy plant growth. This famous guano is known historically as the fertilizer of the Inca civilization and is produced by sea birds that thrive on fish in an extreme environment. Pellets will break down with water, creating a low-maintenance method of fertilization.


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Recommended for all outdoor flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

Use one teaspoon per 8″ diameter container, making sure to thoroughly mix into top inch of soil.

For established plants, use one tablespoon and deposit into soil a few inches away from plant’s stem. Pellets can be used once for the entire growing season of growth.

For gardens, two pounds will cover 100 square feet.

For liquid plant food, mix one cup per gallon of distilled water and allow to steep for 24 hours. Use as needed for growth.

N-P-K: 10-10-1


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