Premium 5-Plant 4×4 Grow Kit

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The Premium 5 Plant Grow Kit comes with the best gear in the business to get you growing indoors. Choose from 3 different state of the art lighting options and 3 growing method options including Autopot hydroponic or premium soil & nutrient bundles, each selected to grow amazing plants in this 4x4 tent. Get started the right way, with top of the line gear from the best brands in the industry. What’s Included: AgroMax 4x4 grow tent, choice of premium grow light*, choice of hydroponic or soil bundles with nutrients*, 6-pack Accelerooter seed starter, FREE Stump Tea!, pair of rope ratchet grow light hangers, dual-outlet timer, (5) 7-gallon phat sacks, (5) 15" saucers, GH pH control kit, 6″ GrowBright inline duct fan, GrowBright Thermometer/Hygrometer, 6" clip-on circulation fan, 9" floor fan, 6" cabon filter combo system, HTG Supply plant scissors, 5x15 trellis, HTG Supply measuring shot glass To build your kit, follow the steps below: Step 1. Choose your lighting system - HPS, CMH, or LED Step 2. Choose your growing method - soil, organic soil, or hydroponic

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Premium 5-Plant Grow Kit

Get everything you need to grow 5 incredible plants indoors with the Premium 5-Plant Grow Tent Kit. This conveniently packaged deal comes with top of the line 4×4 grow tent gear. Designed to provide ease of use and growing success, the Premium kit offers a selection of the latest lighting technology including CMH and full-spectrum LED options, as well as your choice of premium soil or hydroponic bundles. No matter which option you go with, this kit is sure to produce amazing yields. If you’re looking for the best 4×4 grow tent setup for growing 5 plants, this is the one for you!

✔ Complete System – Includes everything you need to start growing; tent, grow light, high-quality soil and nutrients, ventilation, & accessories.
✔ Top of the Line – Features all of the best gear from brand names growers know and trust!
✔ No Guesswork – All system components are properly sized/selected to work in harmony. Comes with everything needed to set up the system.
✔ Excellent Growth & Easy to Use – Simple operation and maintenance for beginners. Produces outstanding results.

•  Kit measurements: 47″ Depth x 47″ Width x 79″ Height
•  All electronic devices plug into standard household grounded power outlets
•  Supports growth for 5 small-medium size plants
•  Assembles quickly and easily – no tools required
•  All items are shipped in plain DISCREET PACKAGING!



Green Thumb 3x3 tent kit ventilation

The Premium 5-Plant kit includes a complete GrowBright ventilation and odor-control bundle featuring the 6″ HV fan & carbon filter combo, 6″ circulation fan, 9″ floor fan, and the GrowBright thermometer/hygrometer. This equipment will ensure your plants receive proper ventilation, allow you to easily monitor the growing environment conditions, and eliminate unwanted odors from the garden.

Green Thumb 3x3 tent kit ventilation

To complete the Premium kit, we’ve included some handy accessories for trimming and training your plants. Trellis netting provides support for your plants and allows you to distribute growth evenly to increase your yields, and our HTG plant scissors are the perfect precision pruning tool for maintaining your plants and harvesting your bounty.

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