Professional Hole Punch 1/4 Inch


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The Professional Hole Punch is a 1/4 inch hole-punching tool used by growers to add holes to their system's hoses. This hole-punch can punch through 1/2?, 5/8?, and 0.710 hoses, and is designed to fit comfortably in your hands. Typical reasons hole-punches are necessary in certain indoor gardening systems include creating a passage for drippers or other necessary fittings.

  • Creates a 1/4? hole
  • Works on hoses with 1/2?, 5/8?, and 0.710 thickness
  • Creates a passage for fittings and drippers

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Make it work with the Professional Hole Punch!

This incredible, comfort fit hole punch is the perfect tool for any indoor grower! By using this hole- punch, you can easily create 1/4″ holes in 1/2″, 5/8”, and .710 hoses! This is perfect for various fittings or drippers needed in thriving indoor gardening systems. Don’t let the lack of hose holes stop you from creating the best environment for your plants; get a Professional Hole Punch today!


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