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Pure Kapow kills all leaf dwelling insects on contact as well as Mildew and molds. For serious problems and infestations, we recommend a saturation of the leaves. Designed for use in all stages of growth. Kapow uses our proprietary blend of Lemongrass both as a 25B exempt pesticide and Fungicide especially designed for Powdery Mildew and other harmful molds. Kapow also naturally contains citronella so the bugs stay off your plant. Kapow is an insect suffocant that kills all leaf dwelling insects including but not limited to Spider Mites, Thrips, White Flys, Aphids, Russets, and Broads.

  • Kapow is a ready to use product with a pleasant lemon smell, but is also effective diluted in half with water.
  • Please use as directed. 25B exempt pesticide and fungicide.

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Pure Kapow uses the natural insecticide lemongrass oil to suffocate mites and other pests on contact. Kapow also kills through ingestion, so it’s effective on bugs that escape contact during application. In addition, it’s a natural anti-fungal that helps prevent mold and mildew from infecting plants.


KAPOW! may be sprayed on foliage to combat mites, thrips, aphids, whiteflies, and eggs along with molds, mildews and most leaf dwelling insects. It is safe for use up until the day of harvest. KAPOW must be used between 38 F and 88 F. Use only as directed. 1 oz. treats up to 9 sq. ft.



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