FloraFlex 3/4″ Quick Disconnect Pipe System

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The FloraFlex Quick Disconnect Pipe System is an eight outlet manifold that delivers water and nutrients to your plants at the pressure of your choice. The FloraFlex manifold system takes only seconds to put together and/or take apart - none of the parts need glue or threading during assembly.


  • No glue, PTFE "Teflon" tape, or threading required during assembly
  • Pulls apart in seconds
  • 20-60 PSI fine-tuning
  • Save up to 60% of water, nutrients, and time
  • Immediate improvisation and control over feeding
  • Eliminates clogging
  • Minimal cleaning

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Unit Includes

  • Elbow-shaped or T-shaped Flora Pipe fitting 3/4″

    • Compatible with regular ¾” PVC pipe.
    • Attaches to Flora Valve with snap feature (no glue, PTFE “Teflon” tape, or threading required)
    • O-Ring included.
    • Maximum input 120 psi
    • PVC
  • Flora Valve

    • Manual off and on action, with easy to use valve handle
    • Maximum input 125 psi
    • Working temperature 40°F-140°F
    • ABS plastic
  • Quick Disconnect

    • Easily connect your Flora Valve to your Flora Bubbler
    • Eliminates the need for glue, PTFE “Teflon” tape, or threading during manifold assembly
    • Effortlessly disconnect the bubbler for cleaning purposes
    • ¾” garden hose connection on one side, standard ½” FloraFlex Bubbler thread on the other
    • No threading required
    • Leak-free design
    • Rubber grip for easy use
    • ABS Plastic
  • Open Flow Flora Bubbler

    • Completely gutted inside to allow maximum pressure while still evenly distributing water
    • ½” inlet which seamlessly screws into Quick Disconnect without glue or PTFE “Teflon” tape
    • 8 barbed ports that connect to ¼” OD Tubing and FloraFlex Tubing
    • Rubber grip on top for easy use
    • ABS Plastic



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