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REFURBISHED – 90-Day Return & 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Now better than ever in every way, the 7 Band 2.0 is here! Featuring innovative optical LED lenses and more powerful LED chips to deliver maximum light output! Outperform ordinary LED Grow Lights, 7 Band 2.0 are brighter, cooler and better. Using only top quality, more costly components, the 7 Band 2.0 delivers


Cooler running LEDs perform better! With high quality heat sinks and efficient-whisper quiet cooling fans, the new 7 band 2.0 LED Grow Light runs cooler than ever. This not only makes a brighter LED but a cooler LED also lasts longer. While the new 7 Band 2.0 features top quality construction and components, it is also expertly designed with modular component assembly allowing for quick and easy part replacement should any problems ever arise.


The 7-BAND LEDs utilizes a combination of single core 3 watt and dual core 6 watt LED chips for superior performance. The 7-BAND LED has SEVEN LIGHT SPECTRUMS to maximize growth and allow your plants grow to their full potential! 660nm Deep Red for Chlorophyll A, 630nm Bright Red for Chlorophyll B, 460nm Bright Blue for Chlorophyll B, 430nm Deep Blue for Chlorophyll A, 10,000 Kelvin White/Blue spectrum to fill out a complete light spectrum needed for plants to grow properly, 390 nm UV Light and 850nm InfraRed (IR) Spectrum for VIGOR and Mold/Mildew Prevention


The 7 Band 2.0 LED Grow Light allows for big harvests while using less energy and producing less heat compared to standard Fluorescent and High Intensity Discharge (HID) grow lighting technology. The light spectrums on the 7-BAND 2.0 LED are custom tailored for plant growth!


The 7-BAND LED emits much less heat than traditional grow light sources (floro,HID,etc) creating a much more efficient and manageable indoor garden.

Specs & Features:

  • 6′ grounded power cord
  • Wire hanging kit included
  • Replaceable parts
Weight 14 lbs


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