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The HTG Supply 400 watt High-Pressure Sodium Grow Light System is preferred by thousands of indoor gardeners across the country for its rock-solid reliability, versatile design, and great price. An incredible value, our High-Pressure Sodium 400 watt grow light system includes a top-quality HPS ballast, super-efficient reflector hood, and high-performance lamp / grow light bulb. This is a better value in grow lights than you would find at any other hydroponics store. These are top of the line HPS grow lights.

Note: Refurbished items may have minor scratches, dings, or dents in the finish and the actual color of the product may vary from the picture. However, we fully test and verify that these products are in good working order before listing them for sale.

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Dimensions: 9″ long x 4″ wide x 5.5″ tall

The grow light ballast is a brand new remote 400-watt HPS ballast, with an innovative design that separates the ballast core away from the capacitor and igniter components to provide high performance and long life. These grow light ballasts are made to our specifications with high output lighting results for horticulture/hydroponics/indoor gardening use. The High-Pressure Sodium grow light ballast also features a convenient retractable handle with large keyholes for wall or ceiling mounting options. The lighting ballast also has over-sized rubber feet for electrical safety and quiet operation. The 8-foot power cord and 10 foot light bulb output cords are constructed of the highest quality, heavy gauge industrial grade electrical cord usually seen on grow lights costing much more. The HPS ballast is pre-set and ready to plug into standard 110/120 household voltage, but can easily be changed to 220/240 volts. The High-Pressure Sodium 400-watt High-Pressure Sodium grow light ballast will operate any standard or horticultural 400-watt High-Pressure Sodium lamp or 400-watt Metal Halide Conversion lamp. For future upgrades, the universal socket set can be used with many other reflectors; including, air-cooled reflectors, umbrella-style hoods, and many other grow light reflector hoods. This makes the system a great value in hydroponic and indoor gardening lighting.


Dimensions: 15.5″ long x 12.5″ wide x 6″ deep

This quality grow light system features a lighting reflector hood that is a highly efficient four-sided reflector. This top of the line horizontal reflector is made from the highest quality materials available! Specifically designed for growing plants indoors, this reflector incorporates a steel socket and reflector bracket, 5kv Pulse Rated Mogul Based socket, and highly reflective polished aluminum reflector. The highly polished aluminum reflector has a mirror-like finish rated at 95% reflectivity for maximum light output. This grow light reflector hood is built to last a lifetime and can easily be cleaned with common household window cleaner. The grow lights Horizontal lamp configuration design allows for the greatest light coverage over the top of your indoor garden area while providing the highest light intensity levels possible. It is widely recognized that the best design for horticultural and hydroponic reflectors is the horizontal reflector design incorporated with this reflector. Additionally, this versatile grow light reflector can be used as a 4 sided reflector or as a completely adjustable batwing reflector. This grow light reflector hood comes with two heavy-duty steel hangers to hang your reflector from, and a 10′ cord from the reflector to the remote 400-watt High-Pressure Sodium ballast housing


This standard bulb emits 55,000 lumens with a rated lifespan of 24,000 hours.


  • 55,000 Lumens
  • 24,000 Hour Rated Life
  • Mogul Base
  • Universal Mounting Position
  • Yearlong Warranty on HPS Bulb


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