Roots Organics Essential Earth Powder

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Roots Organics Essential Earth is a powdered humic acid supplement concentrate designed to help in the uptake of micronutrients. This product is ideal for assisting plants with nutrient uptake and for amending any previously used soil to extract leftover nutrients. Essential Earth can be used in soil, water, or outdoor applications.

  • Concentrated natural humic acid supplement
  • Derived from natural leonardite

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Roots Organics Essential Earth

Uptake help is always a good thing. A concentrated humic acid soil conditioner, Roots Organics Essential Earth assists plants with nutrient uptake and provides a huge boost for the beneficial microorganisms that colonize root zones to make your plants healthy and happy. For this reason, Essential Earth is a good addition to our Oregonism XL and Bio Force products. Essential Earth is also ideal for amending previously used soils and helping you get the most out of whatever other food sources are present.


See Feed Schedules for specific application recommendations.

Top dress at 1 TBS per gallon of container size, or mix into media at a rate of 1 to 2 cups per cubic foot of media.
Add to a tea at rate of 1 cup per 10 gallons of solution.
Use at the beginning of your growing season or every 2 to 4 weeks with young plants.


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