Roots Organics Mega Chunk Perlite #2 – 2cuft


Roots Organics Mega Chunk Perlite #2 is a soil and grow media amendment used to promote boosted nutrient intake, water drainage, and increased airflow to roots. Mega Chunk Perlite #2 is cut to size with a 4 mesh screen for a more consistent end product.

  • 2 Cubic feet
  • Lightweight and blended for consistency
  • Adds airflow and helps drain water
  • Increases nutrient intake

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Roots Organics Mega Chunk Perlite #2 – 2 cubic feet

Roots Organics Procision Perlite #2 is manufactured to boost the nutrient uptake and water drainage of your grow medium, as well as provide additional airflow to your roots and any beneficial microbes in your soil. Perlite is expanded volcanic glass that, thanks to its light and porous nature, serves to drain excess water from growing mediums. Roots Organic Perlite #2 bits are pushed through a size 4 mesh filter to ensure a uniform distribution of perlite bit sizes. The Mega Chunk Perlite is the largest size available from Roots Organics, providing the best water drainage and soil aeration! If you’re having drainage issues in your garden or want to create a robust soil blend before starting, Roots Organics Procision Perlite #2 is your go-to choice for quality perlite.

Roots Organics’ Mega Chunk Perlite is cut with a 4 mesh screen leaving all material to retain size #2. Perlite ore is a naturally occurring volcanic glass containing a small percentage of water. Perlite is created naturally by the hydration of obsidian. The obsidian ore is superheated in Root’s state of the art furnace and popped like popcorn, then filtered through many different screens to allow Roots Organics to have extreme control over the exact size and consistency of their perlite. This amazing and versatile light-weight media has a tremendous surface area and the ability to retain a balance of air and moisture.

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