Roots Organics Super Nitro Bat Guano

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Super Nitro Bat Guano by Roots Organics is a high-quality, organic soil amendment used to increase vigor in plants. Super Nitro Bat Guano is made using real, natural bat guano that has beneficial qualities for gardening such as its richness in nitrogen.

  • (15.5-1-1)
  • Made using plant-benefiting natural bat guano
  • Mix is rich in nitrogen
  • Increases plant vigor

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Roots Organics Super Nitro Bat Guano is extracted from select caves when the quality is at its highest point. Potent and powerful high-nitrogen guano provides an unparalleled, completely natural source of nitrogen. Roots Organics Super Nitro Bat Guano is fast-acting and is so powerful it should be used carefully and sparingly. Our conscious extraction methods ensure that bat colonies are not disturbed during the harvest. All of the Roots Organics guanos have been carefully sourced for quality and harvested with bat-friendly methods so you and your garden get performance with principles.

Super Nitro Bat Guano, somewhat self-explanatory. Highly active when brewed.



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