Sensi Grow and Bloom Professional Series

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The Sensi Grow and Bloom Professional Series is a 4-part base nutrient system designed to hit crucial "shift" between the grow and bloom phase in order to boost potency, yield, and overall value of your crop. Sensi Grow and Bloom provides phase-dependent nutrient needs to plants.  

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Sensi Grow and Bloom Professional Series  – Water-Soluble Powder

If you’re a high-volume grower who is ready to fully benefit from the economies of scale, then Sensi Grow and Bloom Professional Series was made for you. Maximize your crop growth thanks to the steady stream of primary, secondary and micronutrients contained in this easy to use hydroponic or continuous liquid- feed program. Multiple forms of powerful chelates make this formula plant-available, and the water-soluble dry powder means it mixes perfectly in large volumes – ideal for commercial growers and licensed producers.

Unlike generic ag water-soluble fertilizers, the Sensi Professional Series delivers precise ratios of micronutrients for each phase of plant development. During the grow phase, your plants will absorb more calcium, iron, manganese and boron, and LESS nitrogen, potassium, zinc, and phosphorus. And for a bloom phase packed with floral productivity, they’ll uptake MORE nitrogen, potassium, and zinc (and a tad more phosphorus), and LESS calcium, iron, manganese, and boron. Only our water-soluble fertilizers hit this shift to unleash peak performance in your crops.

How to Use

Sensi Grow & Bloom Professional Series Feeding Schedule


  • Unlocks the full potential of your crop through the vital shift between the grow and bloom stage.
  • Delivers a steady stream of available nutrients
  • 100% water soluble solution mixes easily and dissolves fully for compatibility with any system.
  • Researched and tested for peak performance.




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