SmartBee Hive Gateway



The SmartBee Hive Gateway manages the incoming sensor data within your network, serving as the main logic controller that integrates all your grow room's systems.  

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Incoming data from the SmartBee wireless sensors is logged and processed through our custom rules engine for optimum control across all of the systems within your garden, and takes the guess work out of what your plants need to thrive. Purchasing The Hive™ Gateway as a stand alone product is not recommended. Therefore we recommend purchasing our Base and Premier systems which include an LTH or LTH+CO2 as well as our Stinger Smart Power Strip 4.

• Industrial wireless protocol ideal for high frequency environments
• Converts incoming data from SmartBee wireless products for management with SmartBee App
• Plug-and-play set-up
• Fits nearly all existing gardens and configurations
• Plant-safe green LED active indicator lights.
• Battery back up for uninterrupted service.


Weight 3 lbs
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Air – Water – CO2


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