Solis Tek 1000w Ballast


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Solis Tek's SE/DE digital ballast is an ultra-high frequency ballast used for single and double-ended 1000w and 600w MH and HPS lamps. The Solis Tek's SE/DE digital ballast operates on 106+ kHz frequency, and comes equipped with self-checking diagnostics.

  • Dimmable settings
  • Single and double ended MH and HPS lamp compatibility
  • Operates on 106 kHz
  • Self-checking diagnostics

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Solis Tek 1000w Ballast – From the Manufacturer:

The SolisTek SE/DE high-frequency digital ballast is designed for use with single & double ended lamps and 120/240V (208V Compatible).

SolisTek SE/DE digital ballast now operates at 106+ kHz frequency, making it one of the highest frequency ballasts available on the market. The SolisTek SE/DE ballast will operate any single or double ended lamp at its optimal efficiency. We have matched single & double ended lamps in both HPS and MH.

Key Features:

–  Multi-Wattage (dimmable)
–  Wattage settings: 1100W, 1000W, 750W, 600W
–  Multi-Voltage, 9.81A @ 120v – 4.91A @ 240v
–  Ignition Control™ Sequential lamp ignition
–  SenseSmart™ Pre-ignition self-diagnostic checks
–  Low OUTPUT Total Harmonic Distortion (THD%)
–  Generator Ready

The Solis Tek 1000w ballast is a digital ballast on a software based platform. Utilizing Japanese components and unparalleled engineering, Solis Tek is able to achieve outstanding reliability.


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