Solis Tek MATRIX 1000W Digital Ballast



Solis Tek's MATRIX Digital Ballast is a high-frequency ballast used for single and double ended 120/240v lamps. The MATRIX Digital Ballast has an easy-to-read green LED screen that is dark-cycle friendly. The MATRIX Digital Ballast is designed to be used with the Solis Tek remote control.

  • Single and double ended 120/240v lamp compatible
  • Easy-to-read and dark-cycle friendly screen
  • Built in timer
  • Requires the Solis Tek remote control (not included)

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Solis Tek MATRIX DE/SE Digital Ballast
SolisTek MATRIX DE digital ballast designed for single & double ended lamps 120/240V (208V Compatible)

High Frequency

  • SolisTek DE digital ballast now operates at 106+ kHz frequency, making it one of the highest frequency ballasts available on the market. The SolisTek DE ballast will operate any single or double ended lamp at its optimal efficiency. We have matched double ended lamps in both HPS and MH.

Built in Digital Timer

  • Completely customizable on/off schedule settings for any grow cycle. Sync all SolisTek Ballasts on the same schedule with only 1 remote control. Eliminate unnecessary external components.

Green LCD Screen

  • Digital green read-out to visually display ballast settings and won’t disrupt plant sleep cycle. Dark cycle-friendly!

Ballast Life Timer

  • On board ballast ‘odometer’ that will count the number of hours the ballast has been used.

Multi-Wattage, Multi-Voltage

  • (Remote Control sold separately & only 1 remote needed for all MATRIX ballasts)

Remote Control

  • The exclusive SolisTek remote control will allow you to wirelessly configure the wattage settings from over 70ft away and also set the integrated digital timer for your SolisTek Matrix Ballast(s). The Matrix remote control allows as many Matrix ballasts to be synced to the same schedule eliminating the need for an external controller.

SolisTek digital ballasts are equipped with:

  • Ignition Control™ Sequential lamp ignition
  • SenseSmart™ Pre-ignition self-diagnostic checks
  • Low OUTPUT Total Harmonic Distortion (THD%)


Weight 14 lbs


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Grow Lights


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