Square Farmer Pot Elevator 10″



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The Square Farmer Pot Elevator is a tool used by growers with nursery pots, square pots, and even air pots to optimize water run-off and drain. The Square Farmer Pot Elevator is an elevated plant saucer which helps plants to not sit in standing water, but actually lets them drain completely. Because plants can be prone to more diseases by sitting in standing water, the Square Farmer Pot Elevator encourages root growth in plants.

• 10″ plant saucer
• Allows plants to optimize how they drain
• Holds up to 1 liter without overflow liquid touching top of plant riser

In stock

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Square Farmer Pot Elevator – 10″

The Square Farmer Pot Elevator is a new twist on your typical plant saucers. By lifting the pot up out of the standing water, you’re allowing for not only increased amount of run off, but it also enables the pot to completely drain for stronger, vigorous root growth. This 13″ plant saucer it great for use with nursery pots, square pots and even air pots. Keep your roots from sitting in standing water and get a Square Farmer Pot Elevator today!

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