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Stump Tea Veg Boost
Stump Tea Veg Boost

Veg Boost raises the concentration of chlorophyll in plants, this increases the absorption of luminous energy, which leads to greater degrees of photosynthesis.

Stomata are cellular structures that control a plant’s hydro balance, as well as the absorption of gases. Plant Stomata open and close depending on a number of environmental factors. When Stomata open, photosynthesis and transpiration are increased. When this occurs the plants metabolism speeds up leading to increased plant growth. Veg Boost encourages the opening of the stomata which can be noticed by increased plant vigor.

Veg Boost also has a great chelating effect for micronutrients. When jointly applied with micro elements, their absorption inside the plant simplifies, allowing for faster growth rates. Veg Boost has several precursors or activators of phytohormones. Three of which have been proven to increase fruit quality and one that assists in proper fruit maturation. These natural phytohormones effect many aspects of plant growth like flower, stem and root formation. One very special precursor of the auxin synthesis is often destroyed or lost in most common extraction processes. Veg Boost utilizes a special enzyme extraction process that keeps the most elements possible. Not only are these precursors good for plants but they also help cell membranes in microbial flora found at the root zone.

Veg Boost Effects:

  • Increases Chlorophyll
  • Stimulates Flowering
  • Better Fruit Setting
  • Encourages Opening Of The Stomata
  • Increases Brix Levels
  • Increases Indole-3-Acetic acid Production
  • Increases Vitamin Production
  • Increases Various Enzymatic Plant Processes

Dilution Rates

Soil: 5 - 15ml per gallon

Foliar: 1 - 2ml per quart (For best results spray plants 15 minutes before lights go off and mix with a wetting agent.)

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