Suncourt Duct Muffler 8″



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The Suncourt Duct Muffler is a device used to help reduce sound caused by airflow in ductwork. The Duct Muffler do not affect the airflow in the duct, and is equipped with an acoustic liner that is UL listed.

  • 8″ duct muffler
  • Easy To Install
  • Maintenance Free
  • Building Code Compliant
  • Acoustic Liner UL listed, Class 1 Air Duct
  • Does Not Restrict Airflow Through Duct

Out of stock


Suncourt Duct Muffler 8″
The Suncourt Duct Muffler (also sometimes known as a Duct Silencer) is a passive device that is installed in ductwork to help reduce the level of noise that is transmitted through the duct.
The Suncourt Duct Muffler is a completely passive device that will not impede airflow when it is attached to the ductwork. It is made of metal and is lined with an acoustic insulation that reduces sound. The insulation is covered with a wire mesh to keep the insulation in place.

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