Sunleaves Coir Brick (Chunky)



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Sunleaves’ Coir Brick is a soil amendment used in either soil based or hydroponic growing systems. Because of its porous material, Coir Bricks absorb much more water than regular soils; optimizing water retention. Coir Bricks also help protect against algae.

  • Natural soil amendment
  • Retains massive amounts of water
  • Protects against algae

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The Sunleaves® Classic Coir Block is a compressed coconut-fiber growing medium that expands to approximately 2.5 cubic feet when soaked in water. This renewable resource retains air and moisture extremely well. Classic Coir is the original finely-shredded medium that growers have come to know and love and is a preferred choice among African violet enthusiasts. It’s great for amending soil and soilless mixtures. Expanded contents will fill approximately 30 one-gallon nursery pots.

Compressed Brick (approx. same size as standard household brick would be – expands to about 2 gallons) algae protection and boosted water retention, use Sunleaves Coco Covers!

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