SunMaster 1000w DE Super HPS HO Bulb


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SunMaster 1000w Double Ended Super HPS HO bulbs deliver pure growing power for indoor gardens. These bulbs increase output in red to far-red and blue photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) light ranges. With full e-ballast compatibility and wire lead base type, the SunMaster 1000w Double Ended Super HPS HO can be used with any of the industry's most popular double ended HPS grow light fixtures. The SunMaster 1000w Double Ended Super HPS HO provides more usable light output for blooming plant growth, which leads to bushier plants, earlier flowering, higher yields, and enhanced fruit weight. This lamp offers 155,000 initial lumens, 375 PAR watts / 1900 µmol (400nm - 700nm), and a rated life of 20,000 hours. One-year warranty.

  • 1000 w double-ended HPS
  • Provides more useable light output
  • 155,000 initial lumens
  • 375 PAR w / 1900 micromol
  • 20,000 hours of use

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SunMaster 1000w Double Ended Super HPS HO Bulb

With 2,200 µmol in total output and 1,900 µmol in the key 400-700nm range, the 1,000-watt SUNMASTER SUPER HPS HO lamp offers up to 20 percent more µmol and over 47 percent more red to far-red energy compared to other 1,000-watt single-ended HPS lamps. This impressive orange-red spectral output encourages earlier flowering and increases the total number of branches, internodes and flowers. E-ballast compatible. One-year warranty.

  • Photometry – up to 20% more µmol between 400nm and 700nm
  • Growth chamber testing – 20% more flowers after first four weeks of flowering phase
  • Independently field tested – recommended by commercial growers throughout North America and Europe
  • Strong red to far-red component for flowering
  • Fuller spectrum – 58 CRI vs. typical 35 to 45


  • Higher yields – 47% more red energy compared to single-ended HPS
  • Increases total number of branches as well as internodes
  • Encourages earlier flowering and total number of flowers


Product ID: #80010
Model Number: SM.DE.1000W.SUPER HO
Base Type: Lead Wire
Lifespan: 20,000 hrs.
Initial Lumens: 155,000
Color Temperature: 2025K
µmol Total: 2200


Weight 7 lbs
HID Bulb Type

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Grow Lights


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