SunMaster 1000w Metal Halide Conversion NDX Bulb



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The Sunmaster 1000w Metal Halide Conversion Neutral Deluxe Bulb is a MH lamp that operates on HPS (sodium) or digital ballasts, and promotes plant flowering and vegetative growth. The Sumaster 1000w Metal Halide Conversion Neutral Deluxe Bulb emits a balanced light.

  • Balanced light spectrum
  • Easily converts HPS systems
  • Emits 105,000 lumens
  • Promotes vegetative growth and flowering
  • Operates on HPS or digital ballasts

In stock


Sunmaster grow lamps consistently deliver new levels of performance in plant growth.

This 1000w Metal Halide Conversion Neutral Deluxe Bulb is an MH lamp that is designed to operate on HPS (sodium) or digital ballasts. Easily convert your HPS systems to Metal Halide to promote plant growth simply by replacing your current HPS bulb with this Metal Halide conversion bulb. The Sunmaster 1000 Watt MH Conversion Neutral Deluxe Bulb produces 105,000 lumens of a balanced spectrum light for both flowering and vegetative growth. This is a specially designed horticultural bulb. Don’t settle for less!


  • 105,000 lumens
  • Balanced spectral output
  • Promotes both flowering and vegetative growth
  • For use with type S52 Ballasts
  • 1 year warranty

Find out why Sunmaster Horticultural Lamps have the reputation for being the premier line of grow bulbs on the market today!

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