Sunmaster Square Root 670 Watt LED



"Sunmaster's Square Root fixture is designed to support commercial grows and experienced hobby grows. Manufactured using premium components, the Square Root has been spectrally tailored for indoor growing. These state-of-the-art fixtures are built on Sunmaster's long-standing foundation of robust engineering, ISO 9001 manufacturing and backed by their strong commitment to quality and service.

  • High efficiency LED grow light
  • Passive heat dissipation
  • 44" x 39.5"" footprint / 36lbs
  • Tailored for full grow cycle
  • 50,000 rated hours of use
  • 3 year warranty

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Square Root 670w LED

The Sunmaster Square Root shines above the competition with its robust design, quality components, expert manufacturing, and optimized spectrum. With no fans or moving parts and an IP 65 rating, the Square Root has a rated life of 50,000 hours and can tackle even the toughest garden challenges. Sunmaster’s quality commitment and ISO 9001 manufacturing process ensure growers are provided with the highest standards in component and assembly quality. An integrated dimming knob enables growers to reduce power consumption and cost, before the full power of the fixture is needed.   Spectrally tailored for full-cycle growth, the Square Root promotes healthy, leafy biomass and tight internode spacing from seed to harvest.

Robust Design

Sunmaster’s Square Root is built to maximize plant growth and minimize power consumption. Thanks in part to it’s massive 44” x 39.5” footprint, the Square Root can comfortably support a 5’x5′ vegetative area and bloom a 4’x4′ canopy. Hanging height can be reduced to as little as a foot, meaning better light penetration and denser under-canopy growth.  Small LED chips spread over thick aluminum heat sinks, as well as separated LED bars, cuts the need for any active cooling elements like fans. This reduces the Square Root’s overall power consumption and lowers the chance of system failure.

Full-Spectrum Output

White light or full spectrum light contains all colors/wavelengths of light. Full-spectrum output better mimics natural sunlight than color-banded fixtures and gives your plants all of the wavelengths that are required for healthy plant growth. The Square Root is fitted with top shelf bright-white LEDs, to provide your garden with all of the advantages of full-spectrum horticultural light.

• Passive heat dissipation
• High efficiency
• Full, tailored spectrum
• Long life
• 3-year warranty

– Wattage: 670w
– Voltage: 100-277v
– Dimming: 1-10v
– Micromoles/Watt: 2.3
– CRI: 85
– Rated Life: 50,000 hours
– Dimensions: 44” x 39.5” x 4.6”
– Weight: 36 lb
– Warranty: 3 years
– Certification: IP 65


Weight 36 lbs


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