SunWing 8 DE Reflector


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While cool tube fixtures provide superior ventilation for grow lights, large 4-sided hoods offer much better coverage. With the best of both worlds, the SunWing 8 double ended reflector is one of the most effective reflectors available for double ended HPS & double ended MH grow lights. Just like traditional cool tube reflectors, the SunWing 8 DE reflectors large 8" diameter tube incorporates built-in flanges on either end for direct connection to ducting and streamlined ventilation. The wide light spread of the reflector, in combination with the properly ventilated tube, can open up the possibility of placing the light closer to the plants to maximize light delivery while maintaining optimal coverage for a large area.

  • Massive 32.25" x 42" premium aluminum reflector for an expanded light footprint.
  • Straight-through ventilated tube for superior heat control.
  • High-strength hanger attachment hardware included.
NOTE: Bulb sold separately 14-Day Product Guarantee. All sales final.  

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SunWing 8 DE Reflector

Fashioned after the extremely popular original SunWing 8 by High Yield, the SunWing 8 DE reflector combines the ultra-efficient ventilation capabilities of a glass tube style fixture with the superior coverage of a large horizontal grow light reflector. Measuring 32.25″ x 42″, the SunWing’s extra-large framework constructed of highly polished premium aluminum can provide an enormous footprint with balanced light distribution even at close range, making it one of the most effective DE reflectors available. Enhance your setup with the Sunwing 8 DE reflector and get the most out of your DE grow light for bigger yields! Comes complete and ready to grow with an integrated DE socket & cord set.*

*Some assembly required


•  Dimensions: 32-1/4″ long x 42″ wide  x 9-1/2″ high (max)
•  Built-in 8″ flange ends
•  Built-in double-ended bulb socket
•  15’ socket-to-ballast cord with universal-type ballast plug
•  Top-quality Pyrex® glass tube
•  Highly polished and textured aluminum reflector
 High-strength hanger attachment hardware included

NOTE: Bulb sold separately

14-Day Product Guarantee. All sales final.


Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 12 × 18 in
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Grow Lights

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