Super Tea Mix – 2 Pound


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The Guano Company's Super Tea is built for strong health and growth of houseplants and garden vegetables. A higher nitrogen and potassium ratio for all-around growth made from bat and seabird guano, plus earthworm castings. For use in both soil and hydroponic applications.

  • All organic materials; no synthetic inputs used.
  • Effective formulation of bat guano, seabird guano, and earthworm castings create a highly-effective bloom-boosting supplement.
  • 2 lb dry powder.

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Great for any leafy greens, Super Tea (0.5-0.5-0.01) is an intense liquid formulation of the popular dry guano we’ve been stocking for years. With bat and seabird guanos as well as earthworm castings, Super Tea is rich in beneficial microbes and essential micronutrients. Simply dilute Super Tea with water to create a mild but effective organic fertilizer.


Weight 2 lbs


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