Titan Controls CO2 Rain System


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The Titan Controls CO2 Rain System evenly distributes CO2 throughout your garden. This CO2 system comes with 25' 1/8" special CO2 rain tubing, 6 eye hooks, 1/8" plastic T-fitting, and instructions. With the included instructions setting up the system is a breeze, install the eye hooks evenly into the ceiling, feed the tubing through the hooks, and connect both ends together to a CO2 source using the T-fitting. Then, watch your garden thrive with this simple and effective system.

  • Connects to a regulator or tank of your choice
  • System includes: 1x tubing, x6 eye screws, 1x T-fitting, and instructions
  • Made in the USA

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Titan Controls CO2 Rain System

This CO2 Rain System includes 25 ft of laser drilled 1/8 in tubing, 6 eye hooks, 1/8 in plastic T fitting, and instructions.

The CO2 Rain System kit includes:

  • 25 feet of 3/16″ laser-drilled dispensing tubing
  • 3/16″ plastic ( T ) fitting
  • 6 eye screws  to attach to the ceiling for dispensing tubing
  • Comprehensive instructions for use
  • Made in the USA!

View Titan Controls CO2 Rain System Instructions


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