Triminator TRP Stack Rosin Press

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The Triminator TRP Stack Rosin Press produces top-of-the-line solventless rosin at a commercial scale. Succeeding its predecessor the TRP, the TRP Stack brings the same precise high-pressure extraction now with an additional 6" x 10" aluminum platen to double production. The multi-platen design extracts rosin using 25 tons of force with 6 heating elements throughout for a high-pressure low-temperature extraction ideal for potent & flavorful rosin. Patent-pending Easy Pivot Drip-Tech technology rotates the machine to allow rosin to fall onto a cool surface for faster collection and terpene preservation.  

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Triminator TRP Stack Rosin Press

Engineered to offer simplicity in high volume solventless extraction, the multi platen design was built for production scalability.  The Rosin TRP Stack provides drip technology allowing the rosin to quickly drop to a cool surface with the seamless rotation of the platens.  With 6 precision heating elements, 25 tons of force, and drip technology pressing at a commercial scale has never been easier.


  • PRESERVE TERPENES: Maintain valuable terpene content in by pressing rosin at higher pressure and lower temperatures.
  • FASTER, HIGHER YIELD RETURNS: Extract more from your plant material with the TRP Stack. The increase in rosin produced means more dollars extracted from the same harvest and labor.
  • PURE CONCENTRATE: Because it’s solventless, you can create a high-quality product unadulterated by chemicals and foreign substances.


  • EASY PIVOT DRIP-TECH: Enjoy seamless press rotation at the pull of a handle. Our patent-pending Easy Pivot™ drip tech system allows rosin to fall immediately to a cold surface below for terpene preservation.
  • TEMPERATURE PRECISION: Individual PID temperature control allows you to set the exact temperature preference for each platen for precise, repeatable, performance.
  • BVA HYDRAULIC CYLINDER: Every press comes with a 25 Ton, BVA cylinder for the highest level of performance and reliability, squeeze after squeeze.

Technical Specifications & Documents:

Height 22.4 IN / 56.89 CM AC Voltage 120V
Width 27.3 IN / 69.34 CM Circuit Size 20 A
Length 12.9 In / 32.76 CM Drip Tech Yes
Weight 151 LBS / 68.4 KG Platen Count 3

Triminator Rosin Press Quick Start Guide

Triminator TRP Stack Rosin Press Owner’s Manual

Triminator TRP Stack Rosin Press Spec Sheet

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