USA Lab 5L Short Path Distillation Kit – USA Made...



This USA Lab Premium 5L Short Path Distillation Kit is made with high quality USA Made Glass and a specially designed head to allow for excellent distillation at a great value. It is designed for high production and consistent results. Don’t pay more than you should on overpriced distillation kits. Get started right away at a fraction of the cost!

Model: APSPD5L


The USA Lab 5L Short Path Distillation Kit With USA Made Glass:

This kit is designed for high production and consistent results. This distillation kit comes with a wide 45/50 joint head allowing for faster flow, a molecular magnet thermowell built in, and a 24/40 vacuum take-off adapter to allow for easy switching of receiving flasks.

The 5L system also includes the USA Lab 5L -10°C to 99°C heater chiller for your condenser and a USA Lab UVP-21 21CFM vacuum pump for deep, high CFM vacuum.

Please note: This unit ships on a pallet L48″ x W32″ xH55″, 350 lbs. Freight delivery is required.



• 1x: USA Lab 5L 110V 380°C ZNCL-TS-5000 Stirrer Heating Mantle
• 1x: USA Lab UVP-21 21CFM Vacuum Pump 220V 15A w/ Mist Filter
• 1x: USA Lab 5L -10°C to 99°C Heater Chiller w/ Water Line
• 1x: USA Lab 5L Thermal Shield
• 1x: USA Made – 5L Fractional Distillation Head – 45/50 Bottom
• 1x: USA Made – 5L 2 Neck Boiling Flask – 45/50 Flange & 24/40
• 1x: USA Made – Vacuum Take-Off Adapter – 24/40 – 1x GL-16 Cap
• 1x: 2000mL 1 Neck Round Bottom Flask – 24/40
• 1x: USA Made – 24/40 Thermowell
• 2x: USA Made – GL-16 Connection
• 1x: USA Made – Jumbo Cold Trap
• 1x: 1000ml Round Bottom Flask 24/40 1 neck
• 2x: 2000ml Round Bottom Flask 24/40 1 neck
• 3x: 24″ KF25 Below Hose
• 6x: KF25 Centering Ring
• 6x: KF25 Clamp
• 3x: KF25 to 24/40 Adapter w/ o-ring
• 1x: KF25 Tee
• 1x: KF25 to 1/8″ FNPT for Digivac Gauge
• 1x: Digivac Bullseye Vacuum Gauge
• 5x: 24/40 Stainless Steel Keck Clamp
• 2x: Cork Stand
• 1x: 8″x8″ Jack Stand
• 1x: 16″x10″x27″ Lab Stand
• 1x: RE-501 Stand for Cold Trap
• 1x: RE-501 Strap for Cold Trap w/ Holder
• 1x: RE-501 Ring for Cold Trap w/ Holder
• 9x: Boss Head Clamp
• 5x: 3-Finger Adjustable Clamp 0-70mm
• 1x: Digital Thermometer
• 2x: Heating Mantle Stainless Steel Threaded Pole
• 1x: 27″ Stainless Steel Threaded Pole to attach to mantle and cold trap
• 1x: Stir Magnet
• 1x: 1 Gal. Inland 19 Vacuum Pump Oil
• 1x: 1 Gal. Propylene Glycol
• 1x: Apiezon Vacuum Grease



• Reservoir Capacity: 5L
• Reservoir Dimensions: 8″ x 8″
• Temperature Range: Room Temperature to -10°C / 14°F
• Power Requirements: 110v 60Hz 12A Single Phase
• Refrigerating BTUs: 1,000 BTU – 4,500 BTU
• Circulating Pump Wattage: 100w
• Temperature Accuracy: +/- 0.5°C
• Pump Flow: 30L/Min
• Pump Pressure: 0.4 bar
• Barb Size: 1/2″
• Refrigerant: R404
• Dimensions 19″ x 14″ x 29″
• Weight: 100 lbs

Weight 350 lbs