VCP-550 4×4 LED Grow Tent Kit


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The VCP-550 package is a 4x4 LED grow tent kit configured to exceed energy-efficiency standards and provide an easily maintainable growing environment. The kit comes complete with everything needed to start growing indoors, including the state of the art RAW 550 LED grow light, 4x4 tent, and all of the required accessories and supplies. Includes: AgroMax 4x4 Medium Tent, AgroMax Raw 550 LED Grow Light, Power Strip Timer, Light Hangers, 6" Ventilation Kit, Roots Organics Soil, and Soul Nutrients Assembled kit measures: 47″ long x 47″ wide x 79″ high  

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The VCP-550 LED Grow Tent Kit

The VCP-550 grow tent kit was commissioned by the New England Veterans Alliance in partnership with HTG Supply and Aurora Innovations to provide veteran growers with the best in high-tech indoor gardening gear. Equipped with a 4×4 grow tent and the latest in high-efficiency LED grow lights, the VCP-550 kit is capable of supporting 16 sq. ft. of high-production medium/large plants. In addition, the package comes with all of the necessary accessories and supplies needed for successful indoor growing including a 6” ventilation package and premium reusable fabric pots, as well as Roots Organics soil and Soul nutrients from Aurora Innovations.

Assembled kit measures: 47″ long x 47″ wide x 79″ high

Included Equipment:
• AgroMax 4×4 Medium Grow Tent
• AgroMax RAW 550 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light (3000K)
• Surge Protector Timer
• Rope ratchet light hangers
• (2) Bags of Roots Organics Original Potting Soil
• Soul Grow & Bloom nutrients – 1 quart ea.
• 6″ duct fan & flange kit
• 6″ clip-on fan
• GrowBright digital thermometer/hygrometer
• (4) 5 gallon Phat Sacks Fabric pots


The New England Veterans Alliance Inc (NEVA) is a Massachusetts-based non-profit organization committed to assisting veterans in improving their quality of life. To find out more about NEVA and the Veterans Cultivation Program (VCP), visit

The VCP Mission: The goal of the Veterans Cultivation Program – (VCP) is to help educate the veteran community, to encourage self sustainability through cultivation therapy and to alleviate the financial burden on veterans while providing a purpose and connection to our local communities.


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