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HTG Supply Commercial Grower Services

Designing a commercial growing operation or looking for a one-stop professional supplier for a large indoor growing facility? The HTG Supply Commercial Services Division can assist with your equipment & supply needs through every phase of your operation. Established in 2002, we have years of experience serving professionals in the horticultural industry and a vast network of suppliers that allows us to provide top-tier competitive pricing. We've worked closely with some of the largest indoor growing operations in the nation, assisting clients in a wide range of commercial growing applications. With expert knowledge of growing systems and techniques, our Master Growers provide a level of service that is truly unique to our industry. Whether you just need to set up an ordering schedule for fertilizers and other consumables, or if you need assistance planning from the ground up, our experienced team can quickly answer your questions and provide solutions that will save you time and money. From savings to service HTG Supply has you covered. Contact us today and let us know what we can do for you!


Commercial Financing

As one of the nation's largest horticultural supply retailers we have 16 retail grow shops, a extensive online storefront, and a huge commercial account base. HTG Supply stocks millions in inventory to meet demand. This allows us to pass the best pricing on to our new clients and returning customers. Whether you're equipping a commercial growing operation or a modest sized grow operation, we'll work out a custom order program that will maximize your budget. 

Expedited Processing 

HTG Supply makes scheduling orders for your commercial growing operation easy with fast order turn-around time. We offer expedited processing and shipping for every commercial account order, whether it ships standard or freight, and most orders are shipped within 24 hours. Plus, we stock the products we sell and we receive new inventory daily so you can rest assured that your supplies are in-stock and fresh when you place your order. 

Consulting & Design

Creating the proper conditions for maximum indoor plant production on a large scale can be tricky, but at HTG Supply, controlled environment agriculture is what we do. Through the years, HTG Supply has provided system design and consulting services for many commercial growing operations varying in both size and growing method. We know every growing situation is different, and provide solutions that best accommodate our clients' needs.

The HTG Supply Advantage:  Our strong partnerships with top manufacturers not only allow us to deliver great pricing on their products but also give us intimate knowledge of the fine differences between them. We can point you directly to products that will work best for your operation so a subtle difference doesn't turn into missed opportunity down the line. HTG Supply will always provide you with the best product and equipment options because our #1 goal is to help ensure your success.