Perlite and Vermiculite

About Perlite and Vermiculite

As part of our dedication to supply the most high-quality selection of soilless growing mediums, we have perlite and vermiculite.

We offer the perlite brands you can count on, like Roots Organics and more. Take your hydroponic gardens to the next level with our selection of perlite and vermiculite. For optimal results, you can also add essential plant nutrients – available from HTG Supply!

The Benefits of Perlite

Nutritious soil is complete with a proper drainage outlet, and perlite can give your plants the right environment to grow. Perlite comes from heated and expanded volcanic material in a process similar to popping popcorn. Fully formed perlite contains empty pockets that act as compartments for your soil's water.

Gardeners like perlite because your soil needs to drain so plant roots are healthy. If overwatered, roots may form rot or fungus that prevents plants from blooming. Natural absorption or drainage is the key to happy soil, so perlite is a common ingredient in indoor gardens.

You can mix half-perlite and half-compost into your soil to use this substance. This mixture creates a nutrient-rich and aerated combination to guide and feed your plants. Indoor garden perlite can also lay on top of your soil to help disrupt the colonization of pests such as fungus gnats.

The Benefits of Vermiculite

Though similar to perlite, vermiculite serves a different function for your indoor garden. Vermiculite is a brown, flaky substance made from silicate material. It is soft, spongy and absorbent, and vermiculite can improve soil health.

Indoor garden vermiculite is best used in the propagation or seed-starting phase because of the moisture it retains. People use vermiculite in their soil because it gives new plants the water they need to start strong. It also helps to prevent mold and rot since you won't have to water your plants as often.

Many gardeners use vermiculite in the beginning stages of plant growth by adding a mixture to their soil. This substance will work alongside perlite to keep your garden's necessary ingredients in the system.

Create Strong Soil With HTG Supply

Your garden should have the best natural supply of nutrients and proper aeration to keep it growing. Perlite and vermiculite are indoor gardening favorites because of how they balance each other out. The water you give your plants will hydrate them without creating rot because of these substances' properties.

Shop at HTG Supply for access to the most extensive selection of indoor gardening products on the market. We are the nation's fastest-growing indoor garden supplier, with 18 locations in 11 different states, and we offer quick delivery on online orders. Strengthen your soil today with perlite and vermiculite from HTG Supply.

You can purchase however much perlite or vermiculite your garden needs from HTG Supply today!

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